Greetings Lunatics!

This month we’re all about making Lunas easier with a comparison chart to help you pick the right sandals for you, half sizes, and a new all-weather sandal that’s in the works:

  • Sandal Comparison Chart
  • New Sizing Chart - Including Half Sizes
  • Working on a Wet Weather Sandal
  • New Lacing Option: Red Elasticized Laces
  • Anne Thilges Runs Ironman Triathlon in Lunas
  • Luna Reviews: and Sock-Doc Test Drive Lunas
  • Sand Sole Leadville Sale and Signed Copy of BTR
  • Favorite Fan Pics of the Monthaa

Sandal and Laces Comparison Chart

Between laces, footbeds, and the sandals themselves, it can be tough to choose the best Luna for your specific needs. That’s where the Comparison Charts comes in.

To see the charts, go to, select a specific sandal or click Laces from the Product dropdown, then click Compare Products. A chart will appear that compares sandal or lace attributes relative to our other options. Hover over the question marks next to the attributes to see an expanded description for each column.

These charts are by no means finalized, so feel free to send us feedback on what you’d like to see added on our Facebook page.

New Standardized Sizing Chart

We’ve changed our sandal sizing by adding half sizes into the mix for a more exact fit. The new sizes are more true to industry standards, making them about 1/2 to 1 size larger than our old sizes, so be aware that your size 10 sandals may be a size 9 or 9.5 with our new system.

We have also added size 5 sandals, so we now offer sizes 5-13 with all the half sizes in between. Be sure to check our new sizing chart before you order new sandals. We have also changed the shape slightly to better accommodate the fit in the toe area.

New Winter Sandal by the Holidays

Looking for a non-slip sandal during the wet winter months? So are we! The monkeys are tinkering away at a wet weather sandal solution, and just might have a stocking stuffer ready in time for the December Full Moon Newsletter.

Red Elasticized Laces Now Available

All sandal models now come with the option of ordered 1/2” red elasticized leather laces. Check ‘em out below.

Guest Blog: Running the Ironman Triathlon in Lunas

Lovely Luna-tic Anne Thilges rocked the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in her Leadville Pacers. Read about her experience on her guest post for our blog. Anne is also featured in our favorite fan photos at the bottom of this newsletter. Scroll down to see her big post-race smile! & Sock-Doc Review Lunas

A couple of friendly Luna reviews have rolled in recently. called Lunas one of the 5 best barefoot options while Dr. Steve over at Sock-Doc talked about his experience wearing Catamounts.

Sand Sole Leadville Sale

The Leadville

We recently restocked on the sand-colored Leadville soling material. To celebrate, we’re offering Leadvilles with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-style combo of sand soling material and dark brown suede footbed for 15% off.

Simply enter the code PeanutButterCup15at checkout to receive your discount. This delicious coupon code expires after the full moon on 11/11.

Win a Copy of Born To Run Signed by Barefoot Ted

On Monday, November 14th we’re offering an extra special prize for our Weekly Runner Poll winner on our Facebook page: a BFT signed copy of Christoper McDougall’s Born To Run. Here’s how the contest works:

  1. "Like" our Facebook page (if you haven’t already)
  2. Every Monday when we add wall post asking how many miles you ran last week, reply with your answer
  3. We will already have a random magic number between 1-100 in mind; if you hit that number, you win!

Our Favorite Lunatic Pics

Below are some of our favorite fan shots from the last month or so. Want to show us pics of you and your Lunas out in the wild? Send them to: or simply post them to our Facebook page.

Happy Trails from Seattle,
The Monkeys

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