Some customer questions go places we don’t expect…


These sandals look like a truly fine product. I am concerned however that I will be labeled a “LunaTic” if I were to sport them. If so, I fear I may be disposed to retaliate via a flying back roundhouse. Are these sandals good for flying back roundhouse kicks?

Our Answer

The traction on the Leadville adds extra oomph to any roundhouse kick. At 10mm, it provides enough protection from pointy bones while still providing a fair amount of ground (or face) feel with each kick. I recommend the ATS laces, as they provide the security needed to make sure the sandals don’t slip when you respond to those questioning your honor. At the same time, they’re easy to slip on and off quickly should you need to dispose of your deadly weapons in a nearby river. The suede footbed is really comfy and pretty too, though difficult to get blood stains out of.

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