Hi, I just moved from Seattle to Chiang Mai Thailand but just before I left I stopped in the Born 2 Run shop in Bellevue to get a pair of lightweight running shoes. There were two girls there working and they told me all about Lunas. I was sold. I purchased the Trail Sandals (as I’m a trail/mountain runner). 

Fast forward…now I’ve been in Thailand for 27 days and just two days ago I did my first legit trail/mnt run in the Luna sandals. I blogged about it on my site, here.


Here’s a direct link to a video I made as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59OPGWHx3ss

So basically one of things I love to do is tell people about special items that make my life better. These sandals are one of those items. Icebreaker clothing is another… 

I’m living in Thailand now and will be getting into all kinds of crazy adventures and can send photos and videos if you would like them. 


Brandon :)

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