Our do everything, go everywhere adventure sandal has arrived! The Mono is a versatile sandal used for monkeying around in a wide variety of environments. Get your Mono with ATS laces HERE, or grab a pair with traditional laces HERE.


Wanna be like Ted? Getting the Mono is a good start!

We often get asked which sandal model is best for use on both trails and roads. While the Original Luna is ultra-sleek, super minimal, and great for road running; and the Leadville (and soon-to-be-released Oso) are optimal for tough trails and wet weather; we’ve never had a sandal that handled a wide variety of surface with equal aplomb — until now!

The Mono gives us everything we want from a single sandal model. It’s tread won’t wear out as fast on pavement as the Leadville, and it’s added thickness provides more protection than the Original Luna.

The sandal is made up of a light, mold-able Vibram sole combined with the Pittards Premium Leather or non-slip MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed. The added thickness means the ankle holes can be countersunk to reduce wear on the laces.


We recently changed the name of our staple sandal model, the Original Luna, to the Venado.

Why the sudden change? Once we release our new trail model, we’ll have three sandal models that follow a pattern of Spanish-named animals. Can you guess which is Ted’s spirit animal?

Venado (Deer)


Mono (Monkey)


Oso (Bear)



Well, not entirely new. The Venado is still the classic Original Luna in everything but name, we’ll always have traditional lacing options, and we’ll always be made in the good ol’ US of A. 

The “new” part of Luna Sandals is all about the updates and upgrades we’ve made based on our constant curiosity and experimentation, as well as the ridiculously helpful feedback from our customers. 

 We’re ready to share our sandals with the world, and bring Lunas to retailers near you. Revolution is afoot!

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