A great story sent to us by a Luna-tic named Marty:

I thought  you’d enjoy the following story about Luna Sandals in Hong Kong.

I bought my girlfriend (Alena who is a Filipina living in Hong Kong) a pair of Luna Sandals after I taught her the benefits of barefoot running.  She in turn got one of her friends (Lea) interested in barefoot running and she too bought a pair of Luna Sandals.  All though they are relatively new runners (about a year for Alena and a month for her friend Lea), they decided to run in a “fun run” at the Disneyland Resort.  This was their first time running in any type of sponsored event because they just enjoy running on their own.


Alena and Lea

When they first arrived, she approached a group of runners who had really nice running gear and asked how far is the run and how to register.  The runners made fun of her sandals and told her she doesn’t belong running in a sponsored event… they told her she shouldn’t run in sandals and that she should leave before she embarrasses herself.  Undeterred, she and her friend Lea registered and ran in the event, and they both beat the entire group of runners who were earlier making fun of her.  After the run, their attitude changed toward Alena and Lea, wanting to know about the sandals and running barefoot.

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