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RIP Caballo Blanco

We’re all still processing the death of our friend Caballo Blanco (aka Micah True). Head CraftsMonkey Scott Smuin shares some thoughts, pictures, and a poem by Caballo on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Deep in Las Barrancas del Cobre, on the trails of the Rockies, and in the hearts of the muchos Mas Locos all over the world, runs the spirit and legacy of Micah True. Words can’t express my sadness for his loss. With this sadness I also want to express my celebration for his life and spirit.

You can read the rest of Scott’s tribute here.

Monday Night Lunar Monkey Runs Resume

This year’s first Lunar Monkey Monday Night run will be dedicated to Caballo Blanco. Please join us in celebrating his life in the best way we know how: by running free and having fun. Refreshments to follow at the Luna Sandal Factory. Barefoot Ted and the Lunar Monkey crew will gather in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park for a short run in memory of Caballo on Monday, April 9th at 6:30 PM. We hope to see you there!

Put one foot in front of the other and have fun. :]" - Caballo Blanco

The Original Luna

Original Luna with ATS Laces

The Original Luna is now available with ATS laces. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, the monthly Full Moon Newsletter for further product updates and expansions.

Happy Trails from Seattle,
The Lunar Monkeys

I’m Bookis, the Tech Monkey here at Luna Sandals. I started running in 2009 after watching the documentary Running on the Sun. Prior to that, I HATED running. You couldn’t chase me down two city blocks! Yet I found myself so inspired by the runners in this film that I felt the ability to run a marathon must be in me. But as I contemplated this distance and completed it the following November, I still had no intention of running anything considered an ultra …

Transition to Huaraches

During the 2010 Napa Marathon, I injured both of my knees. Like many, I had just finished reading Born to Run, so decided to give huaraches a try. It’s hard to say what would have become had I continued with contemporary running shoes. But one thing I know is my knees are the last thing I worry about and I have been running exclusively in huaraches since! Following Napa, I’ve ran 7 Ultras including the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, sprinted a few 10K’s, and paced Barefoot Ted for part of Leadville. From my perspective, a runners life couldn’t get any better - I’m obviously having a great time!

The Vashon Island Ultramarathon

The Vashon Island Ultramarathon is run on single track trails, grassy slopes, dirt, gravel and paved roads. It starts with a quick mile loop followed by three laps of a ten miles. This year we had the pleasure of plenty of rain and mud to tromp through! Besides the course being gorgeous, the race features the friendliest runners, volunteers and organizers. With well-marked trails, great food and a positive vibe, everything was well planned and executed.

This event has a special place in my heart. Last year it was the very first ultra I attended. I ran two laps for an even 20 miles. I was excited about the 50K this year because I would get to test a year’s worth of continued running experience on a course that was familiar to me. At the same time, I was a little worried because my training schedule had dropped to a minimum. Running only once every week or two, I didn’t know how my legs would fair. I wondered if my lack of training would get the best of me or if my new found love of ultras could push me gently to the finish …

The Run

The first mile was the only part of the course I hadn’t seen, an easy grassy stroll with fun obstacles to hurdle over. Quickly we were back to the start and heading into the first 10 mile loop. Everyone’s mood was good, with most people running in packs or pairs. This section started with gravel road and foot tenderizing rocks, as many people wearing minimalist shoes noted. The rest of the course wove in and out of single track trails with short stretches of paved road.

The first aid station came quickly, followed by the most fun part of the course, a couple miles of winding and dipping single track. I enjoyed comfortably leaping into the sloped turns. Barefoot Ted compares running to surfing, but I think of it more like snowboarding. I like to look at what’s coming a few feet ahead and position myself to be able to slightly speed up into a turn or down hill. If I’m light on my feet and read the terrain well, even in wet or slippery conditions, I find it easier and more stable to maintain speed.

The second aid station came even more quickly than the first, followed by the most difficult part of the course, a grassy hill, maybe 1/8 of a mile (I know, right, pretty easy!). After this, it’s quickly back to a dirt road that completes the loop. Repeat for a second and third time.

The rain really started to pick up during the third lap, turning the moistened trails to mud. This was the time to test my ability in The Original Luna. Most of the lap went by with ease, even the steeper downhills which I worried about giving me trouble with the mud.

Finishing in good spirits at 5:51, I had tons of fun!

My Gear

My main gear to speak of are my Original Lunas with Leadville laces. I was a bit nervous about how they would hold up in the muddy terrain as thus far I’ve only run ultras wearing The Leadville. However The Originals are SO comfortable that I couldn’t hold back and they seemed appropriate for this gentler course.

Although I wouldn’t recommend The Original Luna on this type of trail for a less experienced sandal wearer, it worked perfectly for me on this occasion.

The Leadville laces held up nicely. Tied with the slip-on method (and a few wraps around the ankle for show), the sandal stayed secure and pain free with no needed adjustment for the entire race. I prefer the traditional leather or hemp laces for runs like this, vs. the stretchy laces which are great for casual wear and trots.

A big thanks to the volunteers at this hugely successful race! I’m already looking forward to gliding up and down those trails next year …