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Greetings Lunatics!

This month we’re all about making Lunas easier with a comparison chart to help you pick the right sandals for you, half sizes, and a new all-weather sandal that’s in the works:

  • Sandal Comparison Chart
  • New Sizing Chart - Including Half Sizes
  • Working on a Wet Weather Sandal
  • New Lacing Option: Red Elasticized Laces
  • Anne Thilges Runs Ironman Triathlon in Lunas
  • Luna Reviews: and Sock-Doc Test Drive Lunas
  • Sand Sole Leadville Sale and Signed Copy of BTR
  • Favorite Fan Pics of the Monthaa

Sandal and Laces Comparison Chart

Between laces, footbeds, and the sandals themselves, it can be tough to choose the best Luna for your specific needs. That’s where the Comparison Charts comes in.

To see the charts, go to, select a specific sandal or click Laces from the Product dropdown, then click Compare Products. A chart will appear that compares sandal or lace attributes relative to our other options. Hover over the question marks next to the attributes to see an expanded description for each column.

These charts are by no means finalized, so feel free to send us feedback on what you’d like to see added on our Facebook page.

New Standardized Sizing Chart

We’ve changed our sandal sizing by adding half sizes into the mix for a more exact fit. The new sizes are more true to industry standards, making them about 1/2 to 1 size larger than our old sizes, so be aware that your size 10 sandals may be a size 9 or 9.5 with our new system.

We have also added size 5 sandals, so we now offer sizes 5-13 with all the half sizes in between. Be sure to check our new sizing chart before you order new sandals. We have also changed the shape slightly to better accommodate the fit in the toe area.

New Winter Sandal by the Holidays

Looking for a non-slip sandal during the wet winter months? So are we! The monkeys are tinkering away at a wet weather sandal solution, and just might have a stocking stuffer ready in time for the December Full Moon Newsletter.

Red Elasticized Laces Now Available

All sandal models now come with the option of ordered 1/2” red elasticized leather laces. Check ‘em out below.

Guest Blog: Running the Ironman Triathlon in Lunas

Lovely Luna-tic Anne Thilges rocked the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in her Leadville Pacers. Read about her experience on her guest post for our blog. Anne is also featured in our favorite fan photos at the bottom of this newsletter. Scroll down to see her big post-race smile! & Sock-Doc Review Lunas

A couple of friendly Luna reviews have rolled in recently. called Lunas one of the 5 best barefoot options while Dr. Steve over at Sock-Doc talked about his experience wearing Catamounts.

Sand Sole Leadville Sale

The Leadville

We recently restocked on the sand-colored Leadville soling material. To celebrate, we’re offering Leadvilles with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-style combo of sand soling material and dark brown suede footbed for 15% off.

Simply enter the code PeanutButterCup15at checkout to receive your discount. This delicious coupon code expires after the full moon on 11/11.

Win a Copy of Born To Run Signed by Barefoot Ted

On Monday, November 14th we’re offering an extra special prize for our Weekly Runner Poll winner on our Facebook page: a BFT signed copy of Christoper McDougall’s Born To Run. Here’s how the contest works:

  1. "Like" our Facebook page (if you haven’t already)
  2. Every Monday when we add wall post asking how many miles you ran last week, reply with your answer
  3. We will already have a random magic number between 1-100 in mind; if you hit that number, you win!

Our Favorite Lunatic Pics

Below are some of our favorite fan shots from the last month or so. Want to show us pics of you and your Lunas out in the wild? Send them to: or simply post them to our Facebook page.

Happy Trails from Seattle,
The Monkeys

Anne Thilges - runner, triathlete, and Luna wearer - wrote up a blog for us on her experience at the Ironman Thriathlon World Championships. Thanks Anne!

I am thrilled to be able to guest-blog for the Monkeys at Luna Sandals. Please return often, forward to friends, and leave nice comments so the good folk at Luna do not regret giving me the opportunity!

I get to tell about wearing Luna Sandals at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship race in Kona, Hawaii this month. That was such a fun experience! But first let me explain why my Lunas were the best footwear choice on the Queen K that day…

Luna Sandals are the ideal footwear for Ironman racing – and for all triathlons. Kona is hot; that’s for sure! My feet kept cooler than any other competitor because my toes got to feel the ocean breeze and any water that fell upon my feet only served to cool me more. I saw runners out there with socks and shoes and it made me hot just looking at it! Why so bundled up in hot weather? If those same competitors were out, just walking around that day, they would have been wearing flip flops. Why not the same cool footwear on race day?

The reason other racers were wearing socks was to protect from blisters. My good friend, Nurse Rae Ann, did a foot check just after the race and gave me the “all clear”: No blisters, no blood. Feet felt good. Triathletes’ feet swell during the bike segment and those swollen feet rub on the insides of tight-fitting shoes. My feet got to spread out and relax after the bike, with no constricting shoe uppers. Also my feet got to dry out, being exposed to the fresh air. Triathletes’ feet are wet from minute one in the swim, don’t dry during the bike, constrained in bike shoes, and are prunes by the time the run comes along. Then with all the water being dumped upon us during the marathon, it is no wonder those poor Ironman feet get blistered. The runners I went by sounded like they were running on wet sponges because their cushioned shoes just held onto the water. My feet were able to dry quickly and I stayed comfortable. I fully expect to see many others running in Lunas at next year’s World Championship race!

Oh, and I must note that wandering around town after I finished my race, I still wore my Lunas because they still felt good. I noticed that no other racers were wearing their running shoes…. In fact, most had changed into flip flops – not so unlike my Lunas!

As for my Kona experience…. I love it that the World Championship is not just a one-day event. It is a full week of fun events and building excitement. Every day, more and more people dropped into town and the crowds got crazier. The highlights each day were swimming out to the Coffees of Hawaii catamaran for free coffee, meeting with my PacWest Athletics race team at the sea wall to people-watch, and participating in the underpants run. Yes, of course I ran in my Lunas. Oh, and it was at the coffee boat and the underpants run that I got to see two of my favorite men in triathlon, John and Bevan of IM Talk. They were very interested in seeing me run in my flip flops. Being from New Zealand, they gave me the nickname, Anne “Long Thong” Thilges. They knew I’d cringe at the idea of running in my thongs!

The Ironman World Championship race is such an impressive production! I have seen photos of the swim start and I can’t believe I was a part of that. Watching the arms and legs churning up the water looks scary in photos and it’s never all that much fun in the water, either. However the warm water and gentle swells made up for any bullying that was going on. I started just underneath the starting cannon and I think I regained my hearing by about the half-way mark. Whoah! That boom woke me up!

Cycling down the Queen K Highway is indescribable. At times, one can see for miles ahead: A never-ending string of cyclists, tucked as aero as possible for the rides of their lives. I kept my head down as much as possible but not so much that I could take in the landmarks: Waikoloa Village, where I stop for food during training rides, the turn at Kawaihae, where my friend Leslie was cheering (despite her contempt for the heat!) the bushes full of hibiscus, indicating that Hawi was not far way and along with it a respite from the blustery, swirling winds! I loved bombing back down the hill from Hawi and welcomed the sight of the Kona Airport, indicating that I would soon be running in my Luna’s.

Finally the run. This is my favorite section because I get to be close to the cheering crowds and drink all the Coke I want; and I like to drink a lot of Coke during an Ironman! I don’t touch that stuff on any other day but during Ironman it is yummy stuff. I love that the kids of Kona come out to help us at the aid stations and they are so enthusiastic - giving me cups of ice and telling me I am “hard core” (because I am running in slippers!) I don’t know why anyone would complain about the Energy Lab. It is beautiful running down toward the shimmering Pacific Ocean, and again more kids: The aid station way down there was being managed by a local middle school. What a great community!

I was almost disappointed to be finishing… But the sun was setting and I wanted to get in before dark (spurn the glow sticks!!) I spent the rest of the evening eating ice cream and cheering the most enduring of racers in to the finish. I love everything about Ironman racing!

Thank you Luna Monkeys – I love my Leadville Pacers!

I absolutely welcome your questions about wearing Luna Sandals during triathlon racing. I have completed over 25 Ironman races and they are the best of my footwear choices. Look for me in my Lunas on November 27 at Ironman Cozumel.

Do what you must; just make it great!

Anne “Long Thong” Thilges aka Flip Flop Girl