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Greetings Lunatics!

We have some big changes, new products, and a weekly contest to talk about as we head into fall:

  • Brand new lacing system for all sandals
  • Persistence Hunt results
  • Lunatics Bracelets
  • Full Moon Gathering and Trot on Monday
  • Upcoming events we’re sponsoring
  • Win a t-shirt with our weekly Facebook Contest
  • This months best fan pics

Our New and Improved Lacing System

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new Elasticized Lace attachment system for our entire line of sandals! We are continually trying to improve on our designs and we think this is a big breakthrough. The new Elasticized Lace attachment system eliminates the wear on the lace at the toe hole, makes our sandals completely flat underfoot, is still interchangeable with traditional laces, looks much cleaner, and uses a strong flexible ribbon between the toes that is the most comfortable solution yet!

This system uses a plug that is countersunk, making it completely level with the bottom of the sandal. The ribbon between the toes allows for even the narrowest toe gaps to be comfortable, eliminating the need to use a narrower lace.

All traditional laces will still be tied with the traditional knot, but with this countersunk method the knot will sit deeper in the sandal making it less prone to abrasion and longer lasting. The traditional laces also now include a washer between the knot and sandal to prevent the knot from pulling through the toe hole. All future orders of extra traditional laces will now come with a black washer to install with the lace.

Antelope - 1, Lunatics - 0

Barefoot Ted, the Luna team, and a handful of other Luna-tics spent a weekend in the Red Desert of Wyoming running after antelope in our first attempt at persistence hunting. What is persistence hunting? Watch this video. We chased, we ran, we played, we learned, and we ultimately got left in the dust by the second fastest land mammal in the world (second only to the Cheetah).

We learned a lot and had a blast! Next year we will try again, probably with an animal that is a little bit slower. Keep an eye on the Luna blog for a full report. Also, check out John Durant’s blog reports of the adventure on

Lunatic Bracelets

Made from recycled elasticized laces and stamped with our signature LUNA logo, the Lunatic Bracelet is just another way to show off your Luna love, even when you’re not wearing your sandals.

Sizing corresponds to the lace width: ⅜” laces for small wrists, ½” for average sized wrists, and large-wristed folks should go for the ⅝” option. The vegan bracelet is one size fits all (the laces are elasticized after all!).

Half of every $12 bracelet purchased is donated to Caballo Blanco’s nonprofit organization Norawas, which works to support and reinvigorate an ancient and unique running culture that has endured from long before the arrival of Europeans on their continent. Supplies are limited to the amount of scrap material we have, so get yours now!.

Full Moon Gathering & Trot

Our Full Moon Lunatic Gathering and Trot will meet Monday, September 12th, at 7:30pm (around sunset) in Volunteer Park in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum. We’ll run an easy paced, meandering 2-3 miles through the neighborhood with big smiles on our faces and a big moon in the sky. See you there!

Upcoming Events

  • NYC Barefoot Run: One final reminder that the NYC Barefoot Run is almost upon us! Join Barefoot Ted, Christoper McDougall, Professor Daniel Leiberman, John Durant and other champions of the human foot September 24-25 for clinics, a minimalist footwear Expo, and, of course, a barefoot run through the streets of New York.
  • 2011 Deadman Peaks Trail Run: This ultra is a rugged 50+ mile ultra-running race outside of Cuba, New Mexico that follows the Continental Divide Trail. The race takes place October 22, and 100% of the race proceeds benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Win a Luna Shirt with our Weekly Facebook Contest

We recently began a weekly poll on our Facebook page asking you how many miles you’ve ran in the last week. Well now we’re upping the ante and giving away a free t-shirt a week to a lucky winner of our contest. Here’s how it works:

  1. "Like" our Facebook page (if you haven’t already)
  2. Every Monday when we add a post to our wall asking how many miles you ran last week, reply with your answer
  3. We will already have a random magic number between 1-100 in mind; if you hit that number, you win!

Waiting for the Catamount or Leadville?

We’re expecting to have new soling materials back in stock by the end of September, so if you’d like ot be placed on a waiting list for the Catamount or Leadville send your name and email address to with the subject line “Put me on the waitlist.”

As soon as we receive the materials needed to make your sandals, you’ll be the first to know!

Our Favorite Lunatic Pics

Below are some of our favorite fan shots from the last month or so. Want to show us pics of you and your Lunas out in the wild? Send them to: or simply post them to our Facebook page.

Happy Trails from Seattle,
The Monkeys