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This past week I went up to Seattle to help out at the factory (again) because both Jeff & Scott were out of town, and we still aren’t as caught up on orders as we’d like to be. There were some long days lacing sandals and rearranging the factory a bit: it was a lot of work, but we did our best to still have some fun. Late on Thursday night Emily prepped & sewed a bunch of ATS buckles and then came up with a fantastic idea.

ATS Buckle Jump Rope!

Turns out Tommy & Emily are pretty good ropers, and I’m a decent jumper. ;)

You can also see those buckles in action on the Original Luna or Leadville with ATS Laces.

- Eli Duke, Makeshift Monkey

For as far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with factories and how things are made: from “Reading Rainbow” and “Mr. Rogers” when I was kid, to “How It’s Made” as an adult. There’s something really exciting about peaking behind the curtain. When visiting a new city, I usually do a little research and see what kind of factory tours are available. One time in New York City, I went on a tour of the Madame Alexander Doll Factory. I was desperate.

I live in Portland and do web / graphic design for Luna Sandals, so suffice it to say that I was pretty excited when Scott (the Operations Monkey) asked me to come up to Seattle and help out at the Luna Factory for a couple days. They got swamped with orders just as Jeff (the Craft Monkey) went to Japan on vacation, and they needed some extra help. I figured a busy factory would be the perfect place for my time lapse camera.

As you can see, Luna Sandals are made by hand, with love.

We hope you like this little peak behind the curtain as much as we do.

- Eli Duke, Makeshift Monkey